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Radon Gas

Radon Testing in Southern California Est. 2004 Radon Gas Information There are cracks in the foundation. Nothing structural. Nothing that is going to threaten the

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Home Buyer Checklist

Serving all of Southern California Est. 2004 The Home Buyer Checklist This list identifies some of the important factors to consider when choosing a home.

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Life Expectancy Estimates

Life Expectancy Estimates Surface preparation and paint quality are the most important determinants of a paint’s life expectancy. Ultraviolet (UV) rays via sunshine can shorten

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My House Is Crying!

It might not sound like it, but condensation on ductwork can be a serious problem, causing all sorts of secondary problems like leaking ceilings and

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Veterans Affairs Inspections Ch14

VA Pamphlet 26-7, Revised                                                   Chapter 14:  Construction Inspections   Chapter 14 Construction Inspections Overview   Purpose The purpose of VA inspections during construction is to

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Veterans Affairs Inspections CH12

VA Pamphlet 26-7, Revised                          Chapter 12:  Minimum  Property Requirements   Chapter 12 Minimum Property Requirements Overview   Purpose of MPRs VA Minimum Property Requirements (MPRs)

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Drone Roofing Inspections Attention: This public service announcement has been published to inform the real estate community that American Dream Property Inspection Service has applied for section

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Commercial Inspection

Serving all of Southern California Est. 2004 Commercial Property Inspections require special attention to detail documentation and an accurate understanding of the components involved. All

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Serving all of Southern California

Est. 2004

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