Inspection Pricing for Single Family Residences.

Inspection Pricing

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Single Family Residences

From new construction to historical home Inspections; We've Got You Covered. Get a Quote and Schedule an Inspection Online Now.

commercial and industrial - Single Family Residence Pricing

Commercial and Industrial

Warehouse, Restaurants, Office Space, Hospital, Industrial Inspections Get a Quote and Schedule Online Now.

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Condominium and Townhomes

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Environmental Testing

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Under 1,500 sq ft $400

1,501 to 2,500 $450

2,501 to 3,500 $500 

3,501 to 4,500 $550

4,501 to 5,500 $600

5,501 to 6,500 $650

6,501 to 7,500 $700

8,501 to 9,500 $750

Over 9,500 $0.09/sq ft

Mobile Home $400

Verbal Only* (no report) Calculated at 1/2 the full inspection fee

Re-Inspection* Calculated at 1/2 the full inspection fee



Pool and Hot Tub $150

SCUBA Pool Inspection $350

Hot Tub only $50

Granny Flat* $50

Cabana/Pool house $50

Barns $50

Shop Buildings $50

Guest House < 1,000 $200

Guest House > 1,000 $250

Limited Scope $200

Re-Inspection Calculated at 1/2 the full inspection fee


Inspection Details

Fee Corrections

We reserve the right to adjust the inspection fee if structure is different than scheduled. This includes correction for type of dwelling, square footage, pools, guest houses, age, etc. regardless of MLS description.

Houses over 7,000 Square Feet

Large houses have multiple HVAC systems, numerous bathrooms, multiple water heaters, large attics, and many more items to check than a moderate size house (windows, doors, garages, receptacles, etc). For that reason, we require additional time to fully inspect the property.

Two Houses on one property

If each separate dwelling has a unique address, they are separate houses. Examples include “123 Main St.” and “123-1/2 Main St.” These are two individual houses that comprise two separate inspections and will be charged as two houses.

Guest House

A guest house is a separate dwelling on a property intended for short term occupancy. It does not have a separate mailing address, electric meter, etc.

Granny Flat

A Granny Flat is an area within a home that has all amenities for someone to live there such as its own kitchen or kitchenette, bathroom and living space.

Cabana / Pool House

Structure adjacent to a pool with plumbing, enclosed space but not intended for overnight occupancy (no bedrooms).


Have your inspector return to the house to check the repairs and issue an updated report. This may be required by your lender before funding. Re-inspections are not included with the standard fee of a home inspection.


Inspections do not include any evaluation of common areas or areas controlled or maintained by an HOA. Condo/Townhouse owners own the inside of the structure only. We cannot access the roof of condominiums and therefore we cannot inspect equipment on the roof, the roof, exterior, or other components that are owned by the Home Owners’ Association.


Our Duplex pricing is for BOTH units of a Duplex. If you are buying just one side, please use the Single Family Residence pricing.


Inspections for single properties containing 2 or more units. This includes an inspection of the exterior, common areas, etc.

Limited Scope

Limited Scope inspections are available for one system, component, or Infrared Thermal Scan. An example of a limited scope inspection is an evaluation of the plumbing system only.

Verbal Only Inspections

Geared towards investors and home sellers, have one of our inspectors accompany you to a house for a limited, verbal-only consultation.
Condos, 1 hour $150
Houses up to 3,000 sq ft, 1 hour $200
Houses between 3,001 – 5,000 sq ft, 2 hours $250
Houses between 5,001 – 8,000 sq ft, 2 hours $300
Houses 8,001 and up 3 hours $400

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