Derek Porter came out to inspect the first home that we were interested in he was on time thorough informative and helpful we receive the report right then via email it provided us with a more complete view of what we were considering for our long term investment long story short we ended up not buying that property however we were grateful because we learned a great deal and Derek Porter was pivotal in the process of preventing us from having made a huge mistake since that first inspection we have been making Derek Porter with American Dream part of our request when we place an offer on a property which we are interested in we are in the process of closing a escrow on a house which Derek just inspected for us we are grateful for Derek Porter for making this purchase possible he is willing to travel the distance and takes pride in his work to one word I can best describe American dream property inspection is INTEGRITY-PERSONIFIED
Thank you


Derek Porter with American Dream Property Inspection Service was absolutely fantastic, thorough, detailed, and so patient with me. Since I am a single woman I wanted to make sure I was not getting taken advantage of; I asked a million questions he was a knowledgeable educator as well as an inspector. He was very free with his advice, open-mindedness, and recommendations throughout the entire inspection process. Personally I learned a lot about this property that I will eventually own, and the inspection was so awesome, he even immediately emailed me the report whereas the other inspection I had before, took two days to get the report back. So, I would definitely recommend this home inspection company to anyone. If you need me as a referral let me know.


Derek was very easy to contact and schedule a home inspection. He walk through the condo and discuss the concerns and were offered recommendations. The final report was emailed on the spot along with detail pictures!

Thank You


The thrill of the fight…..over contingencies! We called Tuesday and had an appointment with Derek Porter on Sunday.This is our first home so we were pretty excited and completely oblivious about the process (and home owner woes in general). With Derek at the helm we felt comfortable and in seriously knowledgeable hands. Derek walked us outside when he began to fly his Drone up to inspect the Roof that was awesome since it was a 2 story house with a Tile Roof Derek didn’t miss a BEAT!!!!!!!  Derek ran the furnace,ran faucets,tapped on beams,and crawled into the what a job! He was thorough and gave us both the technical jargon to pass along to a plumber/electrician,as well as the broken down “here’s what’s really happening,,,,,version (thank goodness). His extensive report of findings was emailed right then.

A great experience for these first-time home-buyers-THANK YOU, DEREK! Would absolutely recommend AMERICAN DREAM to anyone needing an inspection.

Nothing but good things to say about Derek Porter. He did our inspection for a home that we are purchasing in the Los Angeles. He was so thorough. He took the time to talk about everything. He talked about what he looks for,in every aspect of the home and exterior. He addressed not just what some of the issues were but future maintenance, things we should keep our eye on. He had some great ideas on easy fixes for some details that could become an issue. And he didn’t talk above us, really broke it down so that we clearly understood him. What a personable,polite,and knowledgeable guy! Like I said nothing but good things to say!

Thank You

If anyone is looking for a five star home inspector look no further than Derek Porter!

 Derek takes the time to assess every nook and cranny in detail and addresses all of the issues in the property far above what we ever expected.
He is prompt,attentive,professional,genuine and COMPETENT with what he does.
Derek’s follow up is superb and we had the report in our email in a flash! It took him less than two hours to provide a 68 page detailed report with clear photos to us.
His expertise has allowed us to make a better decision with this purchase.
Don’t waste your time with anyone else. Even if you have to wait a few days to get your home inspected by Derek. It is worth the wait!
Kelly and Tim

Oh my gods thank you customers for great reviews in directing my husband and I to American Dream Property Inspection! We are in escrow and had to do the inspection bit….we’re lost as all this is very new to us. Lo and behold the reviews were great! 5 star and we really needed someone who would do a thorough inspection of the property.

Through our realtor the inspection was set up. We were told that the Derek would be at the property at 9am and would take around 2 hrs. We met Derek he was very pleasant and told my husband and I we could walk around with him! Derek is incredibly thorough,organized and personable. We learned that our wiring was good ,carpet and ceiling and roof not so good. He was able to explain everything and was so patient as we asked questions. He emailed us the report on the spot!
Derek runs his business so smoothly He is able to connect to his clients and is trustworthy and thorough. If you need a home inspector call American Dream! We have a lot of work ahead of us but because of this inspection we were able to make an informed decision about the home we are purchasing!
Mr and Mrs Oliver

If you are looking for great,thorough service, Derek is the way to go!! He is very efficient and very detail-oriented!!

I had a home inspection done on an older home that i purchased just to get a piece of mind. His inspection made me aware of all the flaws of the home, but also reassured me that I was making a good buy!!
He provides excellent service at a reasonable price and was still available for any questions I had, even after he provided his initial services!
I would definitely recommend Derek Porter with American Dream to any of my family or friends

I just wanted to be a 100% sure before I posted. And for a 5-star rating, I cannot say enough just how great our experience was.

We Called American Dream Inspections on Saturday and asked for an inspection ASAP. Derek came to Palm Springs CA the next day. Derek was amazingly thorough-walked us through each corner and crevice of this 10 thousand square foot building and explained what he found and how it could be improved. It took a little over three hours to cover the whole building including any crawl space. Derek took pictures and showed them to us as he was documenting things that needed fixing. He tested everything with his state of the art equipment. Two months later, we closed on this building and are getting our new business set up and loving it! The previous owners were gracious enough to make the minor fixes Derek found-and we couldn’t be happier. Derek was amazing to work with and I would strongly,highly and ONLY recommend him to do your inspection rather its a house,condo or major building. You won’t go wrong going with America Dream Property Inspection Service
Thanks so much
Phil And Betty

Derek is super friendly,thorough,and had the inspection report to me the same day.He patiently answered any questions,and explained what he was checking throughout the inspection. Highly recommended.

Thank You

I rarely write reviews, but i’m compelled to because Derek Porter is so good. I’ve used America Dream Property Inspection Service three times in the past year, initially due to the excellent reviews I found,and thereafter because my first experience working with Derek was so rewarding. On top pf being a genuinely nice person,Derek is very thorough and thoughtful. He always manages to accommodate me within a tight time window,and does it with a smile. He has a seemingly bottomless knowledge of buildings and i’ve gleaned new insight about construction/design/building codes etc. from him during each inspection he’s done. Among other things,he saved us from making a bad purchase when he detected a painted-over water leak from the apartment upstairs coming into the master bedroom in the apartment below

After Derek’s inspection last week, I feel really good about the apartment building now hoping to buy.

I definitely made a great choice. I’s my first time buying a house so I was kinda carefully for choosing an inspector. My friend recommended Derek for me. He is very nice,patience and professional. I asked him lots of questions and he explained all of them to me friendly. Also,I rarely leave a comment on any website,but I am willing to do so for him and this company. Overall, Very good services and excellent prices.


Words can not express my gratitude Derek inspected my potential future house and was very thorough checking the outside of the house, the inside , the electrical, windows and anything you could think of, taking pictures of everything. He was there for 2 hours  or so which might be long for an inspection but Derek inspected every inch of the house. When I received the report, it was very detailed and the pictures taken helped with all the issues presented. Definitely great work from Derek. Uf you need a professional who dies good work, call Derek Porter. Highly recommend!


As a first time home buyer make a significant investment into brand new construction we needed to be 110% sure that the real Estate Agent, the previous inspectors,and the builder himself were not trying to swindle us. Derek showed up at the property and did a very thorough inspection of the house. His knowledge and expertise went far beyond my expectations! Derek had the report ready for us right then and although we are still in the closing process – this report is our holy grail!!!!

If you are in the process of buying a home, please hire your own inspector, do your research and NEVER trust anyone but your inspector. Calling America Dream and meeting Derek Porter was the best money spent thus far.
Thank You

Derek Porter was extremely accommodating. He was able to squeeze me in last minute as I had to coordinate the inspection with the availability of the unit and the seller’s agent.

Derek was punctual and super thorough with the inspection.He pointed out wear and tear,cosmetic issues and made suggestions on how to repair and maintain the apartment as will as the appliances.
I received the written report along with photos the next day. Both the real estate agent and the attorney mentioned Derek was extremely thorough with his inspection compared to other inspectors they have come across in their careers.
Thanks for the professional job!

Nothing but professionalism from American Dream Property Inspection.My wife and I are first time homebuyers and were nervous and had lots of questions on our home. We worked with Derek Porter and he made us feel comfortable and confident in our home. He answered all of our questions and made honest suggestions on what we can do to improve the particular area we were questioning.We definitely recommend this company, and particularly Derek if you want a great service. Thanks American Dream

Matt And Amanda

First time homebuyers. We had an appointment with Derek Porter American Dream . He was very friendly, informative and thorough. He was also early to the appointment. We had lots of questions and he answered them all and we learned a lot from him. We have a long list of little things we know we should fix in the future thanks to Derek. We would definitely recommend him!


I will begin by saying, I like this business and would use Derek Porter again. I was so impressed that Derek not only served in the Marine corp for 10 years  he gives Military and VA’s discounts which was so awesome! He was super friendly and not afraid to crawl around and get dirty.He even crawled into the space under the hot tub to make sure there weren’t any leaks! He emailed me the report right then and there! He also told us he would be available after for any specific questions on the house.He even brought his state of the art Thermal Camera which he discovered water damage in the ceiling! I will be buying real estate in the future for personal and business reasons,and I definitely will be using Derek Porter


I really want to thank Derek Porter at American Dream. He is a very professional kind and courteous person. If anyone needs a home inspection Derek Porter is right for you.He takes his time and is very thorough. He really gets in there and find leaks cracks and items that could potentially cost you lots of money in the future! If you need a home inspection give Derek a call he is very Timely and not costly at all. Thanks Derek we appreciate all your help.

God Bless

CALL-don’t look any further…Derek is the best!We are moving to Big Bear in San Bernardino and needed a Home Inspection Report so we turned to Yelp to find an inspector.American Dream Property Inspection came to the top of the list with 5 stars with many reviews and so we went with Derek Porter. We had an inspection report from another company on the same house for a deal that had fallen through a couple of weeks earlier.Derek report was much more thorough and even corrected some of the items form the previous inspection report that listed the wrong type of wiring.He was also available by telephone to answer all the questions we had about the home.We are 100% satisfied and would recommend Derek to any buyers in Big Bear. Our realtor,Mike,is also amazing and videotaped some of the inspection for us sine we couldn’t be there.

Thank You Derek Porter!!!!!!!

The best of the best. I hired Derek Porter based on Yelp reviews and it was the best experience EVER! Derek was beyond professional and knowledgeable. Don’t walk,run to American Dream Property Inspection and hire them. I really appreciated the extra effort that Derek put by adding all of the serial numbers of our appliances on the inspection report. I think I was the first to ask that of him. Thanks again!


Derek Porter recently inspected a home for my husband and myself.Derek did an incredible job and was very accommodating,answering all of our questions and concerns as he went through the inspection. Derek’s attention to detail and down to earth presence were comforting for my husband and me especially since this is our first time buying a home.Additionally.Derek worked with our busy schedule to make sure we could be present for the home inspection-great guy! 100% recommend!


Derek Porter from American Dream did an inspection on the house I was considering purchasing. He was punctual,Experienced,professional,and thorough,and it was money well spent,as he found significant water damage from a leaking laundry area. I appreciated the advice on repairs and would recommend Derek.

Thank you

I decided to call American Dream after reading the positive reviews. I am very happy with that decision.

Derek Porter was accommodating with fitting my inspection in their busy schedule. I book my appointment online.
Derek was thorough, professional and a pleasure. He explained everything during the Inspection and provided a detailed,easy to understand report with pictures emailed right on site.
I appreciate that Derek was very accommodating since he had to return to complete the inspection since the electricity was not turned on the first day he went to inspect the home we were purchasing.
I would definitely recommend Derek Porter.

Couldn’t be happier with the service provided by American Dream.

Derek is very friendly,knowledgeable, and easy to work with,with a No BS kind of approach.
The communications via text and email were prompt and easy.I won’t be purchasing the property because of roof problems.
Looking forward to using Derek Porter again for the next house I find.

Derek Porter inspected our new home. Arrived promptly,did a thorough job,emailed me the report immediately. Would highly recommend Derek.What stood out was that Derek has answered every question and concern of mine related to the house within hours of not minutes of my sending him via email. He’s very thorough and timely!We also got the radon testing of Mold and so glad we did! You would of never known I live out of state that’s how awesome Derek was.

Thank you