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Are you thinking about buying, selling, leasing, or investing in a home, condo, or commercial building?

Having us perform an inclusive exterior inspection can save you thousands of dollars because the surfaces can identify further problems.

 We are certified to perform slab and raised foundation inspections in: San Diego County, San Bernardino County, Riverside County, Orange County, and Los Angeles County.

Exterior Surfaces

Wood Siding
Brick Veneer
Split Stone Veneer
Vinyl Siding
Aluminum Siding
Site Grading


Wood Trim
Vinyl Trim

Exterior Inspections

The first portion of the inspection and the assessment of the exterior begins when we arrive at the property. We start by assessing the structure position and slope. Proper grading and clearances ensures that water will drain effectively away from the structure vice towards it, creating foundation and other unwanted moisture related problems.
Secondly, we address any issues with all types of exterior siding, such as; stucco cracking, which can occur as a result of improper curing, installation, or uncommon movement. Wood siding splits, checks, and cups over time. Wood destroying organisms such as termites and dry rot can limit the useful life of these products. Vinyl and aluminum siding are durable products that can last for many years, however; they must be installed properly and treated like other materials exposed to the weather. Paint and coatings have come along way over time, since the age of lead based paint; finally banned in 1978, to 2 part epoxy coatings, used for an array of applications. Finally, asbestos siding; this type of material contains fibers that when become airborne are very dangerous. We are trained to spot this type of exterior siding material and document it along with all other exterior siding deficiencies.
Last but not least, considering the exterior portion of the inspection; we document the condition and verify the installation of the windows and doors. These are openings into the structure that can allow unwanted pests, moisture intrusion, and can be a source of security and liability. We ensure that each window and door is inspected for damage, safety, security, and efficiency.