Spring Cleaning Tips for Homeowners: An Inspector’s Perspective

As a property inspector, I’ve seen how a well-maintained home can significantly affect its condition and value over time. Spring is the perfect season to tackle those tasks that will keep your homes in top shape and potentially avoid any unfavorable findings in future inspections. Here are some of my essential spring cleaning tips:

1. Inspect and Clean Gutters and Downspouts

Start by clearing your gutters and downspouts of debris accumulated over the fall and winter months. Clogged gutters can lead to water damage on your roof and siding, and even affect your home’s foundation. Ensure they are securely attached and directing water away from your home.

2. Check Your Roof

Winter can be hard on roofs. Look for missing, damaged, or loose shingles and inspect for signs of leaks in the attic. Early detection of roof issues can prevent costly repairs later on.

3. Seal Gaps and Cracks

Inspect the exterior of your home for cracks and gaps, especially around windows, doors, and where utility lines enter. Sealing these areas can improve energy efficiency and prevent water intrusion, pests, and rodents from entering your home.

4. Test Safety Devices

Spring is a great time to test smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and fire extinguishers, replacing batteries or units as needed. Safety devices are crucial for your family’s protection.

5. Maintain Your HVAC System

Before the warm weather hits, have your HVAC system serviced by a professional. This will ensure it’s running efficiently, extend its life, and provide better indoor air quality. Remember to clean or replace the air filters!

6. Clean and Inspect Windows and Screens

Clean your windows to allow more light into your home and inspect window screens for tears. Repairing or replacing damaged screens will keep pests out during the warmer months.

7. Check Your Plumbing

Look for leaks in your faucets, toilets, and under sinks. Inspect hoses on appliances like washing machines and dishwashers for signs of wear and replace them if necessary to prevent unexpected leaks.

8. Declutter and Donate

Use this time to declutter your home. A clutter-free home not only feels more spacious and inviting but also makes it easier to clean and maintain. Consider donating items you no longer need or use.

9. Refresh Your Space with Paint

A fresh coat of paint can breathe new life into a room. It’s a cost-effective way to update your space and protect surfaces from wear and tear.

10. Inspect and Clean Your Deck or Patio

Check your deck or patio for signs of wear, including loose boards or railings and signs of rot or pest damage. Cleaning and resealing wood surfaces can extend their life and enhance your outdoor living space.

Following these tips will allow you to better maintain your property’s condition, improve its safety and efficiency, and potentially avoid negative news in future home inspections. Embrace spring cleaning as more than just a tradition; it’s an opportunity to do a health check for your home and address issues before they become bigger problems. Happy cleaning!